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The Canary Islands, Spain

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What BL Does: Real Estate & Contract

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BETANCORT LEGAL is experienced in the legal and business issues associated with the entire property life-cycle, having assisted natural persons and corporations in the residential, tourist, office, retail and industrial sectors.

In general terms, BL provides legal service in connection with the Spanish Law of Contract (Derecho civil, Contratos), including (but not exclusively) the contents and terms of contract (statutory or contractual clauses), voidable contracts, the discharge of contracts or the remedies for breach of contract. Accordingly, BL may assist you in drafting, negotiating (and understanding the implications of) any contract.

BL can help you with:

Advice on all phases of the conveyancing process:

  • Preliminary contracts: securing the sale and/or purchase of the property
  • Due diligence process: identifying and sorting out property related risks (pre-contract searches & enquiries, investigating and deducing title, legal issues)
  • Draft contract
  • Legal assistance at completion
  • Post-completion issues
Advice to investors and/or developers, constructors or other construction agents in connection with their respective interests: land acquisition, development, construction, investment, financing, (pre)commercialisation process, project management, subcontracting, authorisations, forward funding, turn-key arrangements and liabilities’ regime.
Advice to landlords/tenants in connection with any kind of lettings, including (with no limitation) residential, commercial or rural leases.
Advice on any aspects involving the sale of a property with a view to the seller becoming the subsequent tenant, as a way to cash the real estate investment and secure the business operation in the medium-long term.
Advice on the tax consequences arising for the clients from their position as tax payers (sujeto pasivo) vis-à-vis the Spanish Tax Authorities in connection with their real estate.
Advice on any legal issues arising from – or related to - the holding of an interest in a real estate property, including Condominiums (Propiedad Horizontal), time-sharing (Aprovechamiento por turnos), management and service contracts or neighbourhood relationships, among others.
Legal advice to owners, managers and/or tenants on any contracts relating to the hotel operation.

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