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What BL Does: Town Planning

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BETANCORT LEGAL can provide you with knowledge and expertise in each phase of the land transformation process. The planning advice may become crucial not only with respect to (i) specific planning and regulatory queries, but also in connection with (ii) real estate transactions where key planning issues must be correctly highlighted at the contract level, or (iii) any processing that may become advisable or necessary as a result of interaction with Public Authorities to argue rights or challenge obligations.

Planning Law is a comprehensive public law, meaning that it also includes ancillary legal areas having an impact on the planning and zoning use of land such as, among others, Tourism law or Environmental law.

BL may advice you on:

Advice on any issues that may arise from, or in connection with, the phases involving the transformation of land from rustic to urban condition (i.e. buildable land), by public or private developers, including a particular focus on the citizens’ rights/obligations in each step of the process.

Planning reports may address the planning status (rights and obligations) related to specific plots of land and/or properties, with a view to anticipating legal issues and/or becoming aware of potencial future problems.

Advice in connection with any licenses and permits that must be processed in order to execute works and/or implement activities.
Advice in connection with the legal consequences arising from potential breaches of planning law and the penalties that subsequently may be imposed.
Advice on any legal areas having an impact on the planning and zoning use of the land, such as:

  • Tourism-related regulations, with a close eye on the requirements for tourism-related establishments
  • Coastal regulations
  • Retail regulations
  • Environmental regulations
  • Infrastructure regulations (e.g. roadways, railway, ports, airports)
  • Etc.

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